GFBI Steering Committee

Javier G.P. Gamarra

Forestry Department,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Han Chen

Professor, Faculty of Natural Resources Management

Mo Zhou

Assistant Professor of Forest Economics, Purdue University

Susan Wiser

Landcare Research, New Zealand

Hans Pretzsch

Chair for Forest Growth and Yield Science, Faculty of Forest Science and Resource Management, Technische Universität München

Alain Paquette

International Diversity Experiment Network with Trees (IDENT), Centre d'étude de la forêt (CEF), Université du Québec à Montréal

Nicolas Picard

GIP ECOFOR, Paris, France

Bruno Hérault

Cirad, UMR EcoFoG (AgroParisTech, CNRS, INRA, Université des Antilles, Université de la Guyane), Kourou, French Guiana.

JeanFrancois Bastin

Global Ecosystems Ecology, Crowther Lab ETH Zurich

Peter B. Reich

University of Minnesota; Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment

Thomas W. Crowther

ETH Zurich Global Ecosystems Ecology Crowther Lab

Giorgio Alberti

Associate Professor in Silviculture and Forest Management, Di4A - Department of Agri-Food, Animal and Environmental Sciences, University of Udine

Jingjing Liang

Purdue University

Gert-Jan M.M. Nabuurs

Wageningen University and Research (Environmental Sciences Group)

Sergio de Miguel

Department of Crop and Forest Sciences, University of Lleida. Joint Research Unit CTFC - Agrotecnio