GFBI app

Welcome to the GFBI app.

Through this application you can request forest data from multiple parcels of the world for your study, they can also contribute new data to this initiative.

The button, which you will find below, will take you to the application. To access you will have to make the access request, this is done through a form that you will find in the Login section, located in the upper right corner of the first page, once on that page, click on the Register button.

You will be asked for contact information and the institution you represent, as well as the reason for requesting access.

Once the request is sent, you must wait a few days for your request to be processed, after which, your access data will be sent to the email you have provided.

When you have the credentials to access the application, we advise you to use this manual, where you will find information about the different sections and contents, also about the different processes involved in requesting data or how to integrate new ones.